If I Had My Way
We'd Never Close Our Eyes


Blaine hated the way one stupid little thing that was bothering him seemed to ignite an argument with Kurt every other time they talked. They would have one perfect moment together, then the next just ruined everything because all they did was go in circles about stupid meaningless things and Blaine honestly hated it. And he hated the fact that it probably wasn’t fair to blame it all on him, but Blaine was going to do it anyway just because he could and it made him feel…well, no, it didn’t make him feel any better because now Kurt was up in his room in bed while Blaine was downstairs by himself with a sleeping Puggy. When Kurt had started tossing the ‘f bomb’ around on AIM, Blaine knew he had done an excellent job of upsetting his fiancé. He hated feeling like an idiot for suggesting getting a cat declawed, and the fact that it was apparently some well known fact that it was inhumane made him feel terrible for even thinking about it. At the time he had only had Puggy’s best interest in heart, and after doing some research he learned that cat’s had the tendency to claw at Pug’s eyes, and the idea of Puggy being blinded by a kitten was really too painful to risk.


Once the topic shifted to people checking out Kurt, Blaine knew it could only go downhill from there. He didn’t want to suggest that Felix had done anything to mess with his mood because as much as Kurt would say Blaine being possessive wasn’t annoying, Blaine wasn’t so sure he’d still think that once he found out everything that had been going on in his head. However, it had been about ten seconds since Kurt said he’d be going to bed and Blaine already felt sick knowing that they were going to sleep on a bad note. He sighed as he picked up Puggy and brought her up the stairs setting her down outside of Kurt’s room as he opened the door to let them both in.


“I don’t like Felix,” he admitted honestly as he folded his arms over his chest, before dropping them down to his side seconds later, as if he wasn’t sure what to do with his body language. “I don’t like you talking to him. I don’t like you looking at him. I don’t like you acknowledging his presence.” He was being ridiculous and he knew it, but Kurt had wanted honesty. “I don’t like him talking to you. I don’t like the way he looks at you. I don’t like the way he talks about you. I don’t like when he mentions you to anyone.” He had no solid proof that Felix liked Kurt, but Blaine wasn’t that clueless. Felix was gay. How could he not love Kurt? And Blaine had caught the reactions to him posting to the Single Ladies performance. “I hate that he loves cats more than I do. I hate that he can quote Shakespeare. And I hate that everyone seems to just absolutely adore him.” His arms came back to his chest as he folded them tightly in front of himself and looked down at the carpet. The lights were off and the room was dark, but he made no effort to change anything. “I know it’s stupid…and silly, but I can’t help it if I feel like this. You wanted me to be honest, so there it is,” he mumbled with a weak shrug of his shoulders.  

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